YouTube new monetization policy 2018

YouTube New Monetization Policy 2018

Google YouTube has taken a good step to prevent the increase of spam videos on YouTube. Before 6 April 2017 when you upload 2 to 3 videos in Google YouTube you are becoming qualify to getting hosted ad sense account and within 8 hours your Google ad sense hosted account was approved, the video are eligible to show ads and to make money on YouTube. Before you are also eligible to create sub YouTube channel inside your brand YouTube channel and after uploading one single video you are becoming eligible for monetization and you can able the monetization with in a second and the ads will start appearing on that single video, but now everything is changed and you cannot directly approve your ad sense account if you have just created a new channel.

Many you tuber do hard work and they think that one day they will become success in YouTube but when they see spam videos are trending on YouTube channel they get depressed and they make a alternate channel in which they also upload such type of video to come in trending, now a days when you see top 5 trending videos out of 5 videos, 3 videos are spam.

YouTube new 10 k views monetization policy 2018

YouTube new monetization policy 2017

According to new policy YouTube channel should have minimum 10 k views to qualify for the hosted ad sense account. The views should be the total views of channel which is displayed on the dashboard. When your channel views reach 10 k views then you can apply for the hosted ad sense account after applying the channel will be reviewed carefully like the website and when they will find that the work is original and not copied from other then Google team will approve your account but after approval also when you upload any video the Google team will monitor each and every video of the channel. We can say that now, hosted ad sense account approval process is same as that of the condition of the non hosted account approval of the website.

YouTube new monetization policy

Google team will review the following of your videos:

1. Review of the video content – video should be original and your.

2. Review of the description- length of the description should be normal.

3. Review of the tag – don’t copy the tag of viral videos to get views.

4. Review of the thumbnail – thumbnail should be related to videos only.

General question and answers

1. 10k views are required for total channel view or single video views?

Ans.- Total channel views which is shown on dashboard.

2. Views are less than 10k then also ads are displaying on my channel what does it means?

Ans.- The channel will go under review if they find everything is right the ads will continuous.

3.New rules are for new creator or for all you tubers?

Ans.- for all the YouTube in the internet

4. New rules are for India or all over the world?

Ans.- new policy is for the worldwide you tubers.

5. Monetization is enable in my account can it become disable?

Ans.- Yes it can disable if contain any spam or copy right content

6. If someone copies your content what you can do?

Ans.- you can put the copyright claim by using new tools

7. Trending earning will be credited in my account or not?

Ans.- If the trending is spam earning till 5 April 2017 will be credited if the video was deleted by YouTube.

8. By creating a spam video if they get 10k views is they are safe or not?

Ans.- No, now it is not possible to create any spam videos.

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