How to rank your article on Google by pinging trick 2018

How to rank your article on Google by pinging trick 2018 when you make a website or a blog, site submission to Google and bing webmaster tool is the first step to follow to get traffic on your website, by doing this the Google will get your website address to show your article in search result for future. If you post article regularly then Google will ping the good article to show in search result. In this article I will show you how to rank your article in search engines using pinging method.  In this competitive world no one knows you’re which article gets viral like YouTube videos so try to post at least one article in a day. It is my personal experience that when you post article on daily basis then after 2 to 3 month Google will perfectly ping your article from internet and show in search results.

How to rank your article on Google by pinging trick 2018


When you post any article in your blog the Google ping that article and show in search result. Your article will appear after 24 hours, if you have submitted your site map to Google webmaster tool. In internet may tool are available to allow the pinging of your website. Here in this article I am sharing free and effective tricks which allow your website to get ping in the search engines. Many paid software are available for pinging no doubt they will give you good result but free and effective is better than paid. When you submit any website to Google remember not to submit the URL of website you have to submit the URL of particular article to get ranked in Google many blogger are using blog URL but that will give you no result, always do specific work. By using pinging trick you can ‘rank your article on Google for free’.

rank your website on Google by pinging trick”

Below are the list of pinging URL which you have to add in your word press…………

WORDPRESS SETTING: After adding the entire pinging URL to your word press account then no tools and no website is required to use. Whenever you post any new article your article will automatically rank in the Google. For setting login to word press account and in setting section go to writing section paste the entire pinging URL to update service option.


SUBMIT URL TO GOOGLE: login to your Google account and submit the URL of the article of your website and click on submit. Follow all the steps to “rank your website on Google by pinging trick”

submit site to google


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