How to get sponsorship in YouTube

How to get sponsorship in YouTube 2017

Sponsorship is defined as the “Advertising that seeks to establish a deeper association and integration between an advertiser and a publisher”

get sponsorship in YouTube

Sponsorship in YouTube: If any brands or company who give you money for their promotion on your YouTube channel is known as sponsorship in YouTube. The promotion may include the promotion of brands, brands products, mobile, software, application or any products. To promote their product on your channel they will give you money. Now, you have become an advertiser for the company. This are also called as a sponsor ads

Types of sponsorship in YouTube: If your YouTube channel has 5000 subscriber then you are eligible for sponsorship, good sponsorship are given to big YouTube channel. If you have good subscriber then company will automatically contact you for sponsorship and the company will pay you, your demanded amount for promoting their content. There are two type of sponsorship

1. Direct sponsorship: A Big YouTube channel who has subscriber in millions the companies directly contacts the channel owner for sponsorship. These YouTubers use the YouTube as a primary source of income.

2. Third party sponsorship: You tubers with more than 5000 subscriber get this type of sponsorship. There are many third party companies were you can contact to get sponsorship – FAMEBIT is one of them and mostly used, trusted third party Sponsorship Company. Fame bit is legal place to get sponsorship for your YouTube videos.

Sponsorship offers in YouTube: Company can offer you following types, from which you can fulfill their sponsorships

1. Make a video tutorial on their product e.g. filmora video editing software.

2. You can use their trailer or intro before, after or in-between the videos.

3. Link in the video or in the description.

4. Giveaway sponsorship e.g. dispatches of new brand gift and get feedback.

5. Use the product in your channel e.g. TVF channel use the Red mi note 4 smart phone in each episode

big channel on youtube


when the fame bit was launched it has shown a good growth and the YouTube purchases the fame bit for sponsorship so this website is fraud proof. Brands like sonny etc use these sites to offers sponsorship. Minimum payout is 50$ and the minimum sponsorship payment is also 50$ that means you will get minimum of 50$ sponsorship. If you have channels on beauty and fashion, gaming and apps, health and fitness, tech and even on pet you are eligible for sponsorship if you have other categories then select other and apply for sponsorship. All the countries are allowed in fame bit signup. In fame bit join as a creator and select a category, brand and write a proposal and submit to fame bit.

How to get sponsorship in YouTube


As we all know fame bit is Third Party Sponsorship Company the companies contact the fame bit for sponsorship in YouTube videos then fame bit give you sponsorship. So, when company pay fame bit then they will notify you to make YouTube videos on that brand, when you will submit the video to fame bit they will approve your video and after approval they will pay you via wire transfer like ad sense or by other methods. Fame bit take 10 % commission from you. E.g. if company has paid 100$ then 10$ is taken by fame bit 90$ is paid to you. After you have uploaded a video on YouTube the fame bit will rate your work out of 5 and other companies see your rating before sponsoring your video so try your best.


 If you are starting a YouTube channel set your mind to make it a brand and think you are starting a company for a good future, don’t just upload any video. Suppose you have uploaded a viral video in YouTube channel and that video get viral in YouTube and get good views and subscriber, but second time when you uploaded a good video it get few views and no subscribers. So, try to get active subscriber and make good subscriber base and please not use paid trick or sub me sub subscribers because when you apply in fame bit they will check your subscriber base and number of views per day. suppose you have done one sponsorship with less views then there rating will also be less and second time you will never get sponsorship so try to do regular work to make a brand suppose I have one website if someone like the post and way of my writing skill then he will automatically visit my blog again and again and check my updates and bookmark my blog ,similarly in case of YouTube  and also i have posted a article – how to get views on YouTube channel you can see that.

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