Big brands boycott YouTube after ads appear on hateful and offensive videos

Big brands boycott YouTube after ads appear on hateful and offensive videos

If you are a youtuber then from 1 April 2017 you have noticed that your YouTube earning is become half or more than the half of your normal earning. Even in one channel one youtuber has discussed his last 6 days earning is only 19 $ with 1 lakh views and his last month 6 days earning with same views was 90 $ there is a difference of 71$ i.e. loss of 71$ in just 6 days. In coming month there will be huge loss in YouTube earning because the YouTube is going to loss 750$ million globally.

Big brands boycott YouTube Big brands boycott YouTube

Reason behind the less Earning

 As we know that in Google 90% of earning come from advertisers. There are big companies who spend good amount of money only in advertising. YouTube is boycotted by the big agencies and company to display company ads on YouTube videos. Big company has ordered not to show their ads on YouTube. Big brands boycotted YouTube after ads appear on hateful and offensive videos. Ads impression is displayed on the hateful and offensive videos by which companies are not getting any profit.

What is hateful, offensive or false video?

These are the video which are made and uploaded on YouTube only and only for earning purpose. When these videos go in trending means it will get good views and all the high value ads will appear on such videos.

Big brands boycott

In the above image you can see the attractive clickable thumbnail or click at the first look thumbnails, the thumbnail is so attractive that you click to see the lion but reality is that only the thumbnail is attractive and noting else inside the video all the animals are the biggest animal which found on the earth at present time and nothing else. If the big companies are spending good money for advertising in YouTube then definitely YouTube will display their ads on the trending videos because the trending videos has good views and good views only can give you more click, but the ads are impressed on the videos and no one click because they are not the targeted viewers. Suppose if you are watching cricket online and IPL ticket ads will display on the videos then it will get click suppose out of 100, 60 to 80 peoples will buy the IPL ticket this is the targeted audience or viewers. But if these ads will appears on animal channel it will get very less click, it can be 10 to 20 out of 100 viewers. Because the viewer has no interest toward those ads.

YouTube – complete its job by giving the impression on videos given by the advertiser

 Advertiser– advertiser ads get impressed – but no click -LACK of targeting viewers”

Big brands boycott YouTube 2017

Who are responsible?

There are many youtuber who anyway want to grow their channel; they use the shortcut by using the attractive thumbnail. Now a day’s many YouTube has more than 2 or 3 YouTube channel one channel is official in which they are uploading real work and other channel has all the shortcut uploads only to grow their channel. Today is the situation that the ads are not appearing on the YouTube channel because all the ads were impressed and no big ads are available to appear again and again. Channels are more and the ads are less to display on YouTube videos. The real creator who are doing hard work by spending on setups ,doing editing and uploading the real videos will suffer a lot and CPC may go below to 0.01$.

Advertising companies

 There are two type of companies who spend in YouTube for advertising, one is big companies who spend more for advertising and obvious the ads value are also high and finally the earning will be more and 80% of revenue of YouTube is coming from big companies only. On the other hand small companies has low budget to spend on advertising and the ads value are less so the earning are less. Today is the situation that low value ads are appearing on the YouTube videos and also New option are opening for big companies is face book and instagram as they are going to start video monitization as the testing are going on big and verified face book pages.

Big brands boycott YouTube

YouTube steps

As we know YouTube is a company of Google and Google is a very big company, before many software and algorithm are working on YouTube but now they are checking manually and will terminate or suspend false YouTube channel that are using false videos or copyrighted videos to get views and this issue will remove all the false work from the YouTube and community will be cleaned. So, stay on YouTube do hard work when everything will be under control and big companies will again start to advertise on YouTube but no doubt it will take time. Only advertisement friendly channel will remain and other channel will be removes from YouTube. YouTube is also creating tools and community to regain its status – ads placement tools, brand safety tools, advertising friendly policies are some of them.

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