Best withdrawal method available on internet PayPal vs Payoneer 2018

Best withdrawal method available on internet PayPal vs Payoneer 2018 :Many people in the world are using internet to make money for their living, and many companies which are running online are mostly outside from India and the payment method are mostly wire transfer ,PayPal or payoneer .Wire transfer is offered by all online money making companies even Google is totally working on wire transfer payment method. In internet when you are using online transition firstt thing which stuck in your mind is that which payment method I should use to transfer money online or which payment method should I use to receive payment online. Long term income source on internet are Google AdSense, YouTube, affiliate marketing all these three site payment processor are wire transfer if you are using other sites such as up work, freelancer, PTC sites etc. they mostly pay through PayPal or payoneer then first thing stuck in your mind is that Which payment processor is best PayPal or payoneer 2018 .Below is the article from where you can compare the PayPal withdrawal method vs payoneer withdrawal method 2018.

Below is the small comparison between paypal and payoneer 2018

1 Launch PayPal was launched in year 1998 Payoneer was launched in year 2005
2 Time 3 to 4 working days to transfer payment to your bank account 24 hours transfer payment to your bank account
3 Fees PayPal takes 4.4 % fees Payonner takes 2% fees
4 Account creating process Need less documents Need more documents
5 Reliability and customer service Both are same Both are same
6. Wire transfer In wire transfer hidden charges are more In wire transfer hidden charges are less
7 Trust PayPal is more trusted than payoneer Payoneer gives higher conversion rate than PayPal but less trusted
8 Bonus No bonus is offered 25 $ signup bonus
9 Referral earning Not offers any referral earning Supports referral earning programs
10 Debit card Paypal also offer debit card but not in india Payoneer offer debit card in India also
11 Auto withdrawal Supports auto withdrawal process It also support auto withdrawal process
12 Site Quality Any site which has PayPal payment processor it means it is trusted site It can offered by any sites on internet
13 Transfer money from same processor When you transfer money from one PayPal to other PayPal it take charges Take charges but lesser than PayPal
14 Transaction day Loss is more transaction account to current day price


Loss is less transaction account to current day price
15 Example

Current price : 1$=65 INR

PayPal conversion rate



Payoneer conversion rate

1$=63.20 INR

From the above chart it is clear that if you need more money then you have to trust on payoneer to receive online payment but when you are doing more transaction without any risk then you should go for PayPal and wire transfer is all-rounder you can use from any site all sites offer the same so “Wire transfer is best method to receive payment online 2018”.


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