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Affiliate marketing plus blogging can make you millionaire in 2019

Affiliate marketing plus blogging can make you millionaire in 2019: By doing blogging you can earn 2 lakh to 5 lakh per month yes friends it is true in these articles I am going to share the secret to become millionaire in this method we will combine both Google AdSense and affiliate  marketing to earn very good money from online.in India blogging is becoming popular after 5 to 10 years you will come to know that 10 to 20 present of the people of India will make their online as a major source of income or use any other online stable source of income like YouTube, blogging, affiliate marketing or self-product all the above stable source of income take time of at least 8 to 12 month but after your regular work of 12 months will help you to generate a passive source of income for lifetime. Blog plus affiliate marketing can make you rich in 2019

Join affiliate marketing and start blogging of affiliate products 2019

Below are the following steps which you should follow to make money online

1.     Select your field of interest after finding your interest you should select a profitable niche from that interest and buy a domain name related to that niche for e.g.: if you want to do a gadget review than gadget review is your field of interest than you have to select niche for such as mobile phone review, laptop review, AC review, LED or LCD review etc. When you join by seeing the others that they are earning good money from affiliate marketing I will also join and earn then you will only work for 2 to 3 month and after that, you will leave the field of interest which you have chosen after seeing the others. For successful blogging patients, proper knowledge, daily hard work is required remembers when you learn that only you will move forward in life. best example gsm arena is a website of a gadget review basically smartphones GSMARENA has a blog in which they promote affiliate products by writing their reviews along with affiliate link and also review the same product in their youtube channel believe my friends they are earning in millions below is the attached proof.

2.  During article writing, people make mistakes but to avoid that mistakes such as spelling, sentence, grammatical mistakes etc. you can use different software and plugins mistakes are normal mistakes proofs that you are trying.

3.    Technology niche give you more CPC, ads rate are high, you will get sponsorships etc. competition is more in technology niche but you will also earn. IT CREATOR is a youtube channel which does gadget review of all products and earns from both youtube and affiliates link of products. Below is its channel review an earning status.

4.    You can use blogger or word press after buying the domain you can connect it to blogger as I have done when you use word press you have to pay for hosting every year. ‘Join affiliate marketing and start blogging of affiliate products 2019’.

5.     You can also purchase good content if you want from content mart.com it is a website which will give you the ready-made content of your selected niche.

6.      I suggest you join good affiliate marketing site such as JVzoo, click bank, Junction etc. by suggesting affiliate marketing many people think of Amazon or flip kart like sites but above these websites there are many sites on the internet with good pay-outs.91MOBILE is another proof of millionaire below is the attached proof they from both Adsense and affiliates products and their website is ranking on the first search result page.

7.    Making money online is not so easy but also not too difficult always try to gain the trust of your visitors who visit your website by writing quality content. “Combine both blog and affiliate marketing to become rich in 2019”

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