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How to Advertise with Google ad word with attached proof 2018


How to Advertise with Google ad word with attached proof 2018: You Tuber should upload videos on daily basis to get views and subscriber if you are not getting views and subscriber you can use Google ad word to promote your videos or channel. To promote your videos with Google ad words your video should be at that level the people should view your video’s I personally suggest if you think that your video has good watch time then only advertise with ad word if you do not have such video make such video and promote it in ad word. How to advertise both website post and YouTube videos in Google ad word 2018.

How to advertise with best advertiser online Google ad work 2018

Chose the video which can gain good watch time e.g. if your video length is 10 min its watch time should be more than 7 minutes i.e. 70%.if you are a new You Tuber then I personally suggest you should refer social site to promote you channel and gain views and subscriber .

Two best Advantages of good watch time on your YouTube videos

1. Automatically the videos will displayed:  if you are watching the maximum COMEDY SCENES channel in YouTube then whenever you open or login in YouTube you will see the list of comedy videos only. Similarly if your videos category watch time is good then the YouTube will list your video there automatically, then there will be no need of promoting your videos. So always try to make such type of videos which can gain good watch time.

2. Suggested channel:  when your channel watches time is good then YouTube will list your channel on the right side of the task bar were all the other videos are listed in suggested listing, again it is automatically done by Google. So always try to make such type of videos which can gain good watch time.


1. Open the Google search engine and type Google ad word.

2. List of link will open select the advertising link. Advertising link is always at the top of the search engine with the green description at the bottom only this link will give you 2000 INR.

3. Create and start any ads campaign to get 2000 INR credit in your Google ad word account.

4. After adding the website or YouTube channel it is ready to promote to Google search engine by using Google ad word.

5. How to promote your YouTube video in Google ad word.

6. Open the YouTube channels go to video manager and in video manager select the video you want to promote. In the edit option go to promote section new page will be open select then promote your videos.

7. How much would you like to spend: select the campaign budget or daily budget, after that select audience everyone or you want to target specific region. If you have good budget to spend select daily budget otherwise select the campaign budget. If you are selecting USA as an audience it may need more budget otherwise you can select INDIA. In daily budget you will give target to Google by paying money and at the end of the day it will easily completed and in campaign budget you have to choose the duration week or month at that duration Google will complete your task without fail. Estimated views and impression in assigned when you enter you budget.

8. Ad type: Two type’s ads are displayed

In stream ads: streams ads are displayed in the YouTube videos at the top of the video in black and white shade. These ads are costly and less acceptable

In display ads: display ads are display at the bottom of the YouTube video and it is widely acceptable and is cheaper than the in stream ads.

9. Design your ads: Enter the headline, description line 1, description line 2, and thumbnail of your ads and select next step. After that sign in to ad word enter you detail and select the payment method you want after payments the ads will undergo in review and approved within 1-2 hours. And your ads campaign will start. ‘How to advertise with best advertiser online Google ad work 2018’

10. Setting: After approval you can do the setting of your ads if you want, one thing I want to suggest you that use standard show ads in delivery method setting and make a habit to run ads during night time will give you good result. During day time max CPR is automatically taken 2.67 but during night time it can run at 0.80 also (should be above 0.50) you have to set personally by changing the setting but during day time it need minimum 2.67.if you want to get your videos in top 10 need more investment. “Complete guide to advertise online with Google ad word 2018”.


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