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Best tips to get USA traffic to your websites and YouTube videos 2018


Best tips to get USA traffic to your websites and YouTube videos 2018 : Anyone can make a good webpage with paid or free domain, but to make money online with website is not so easy. Getting good web traffic is only the way to make money online. In YouTube you can get traffic from any viral news or video but you can’t earn that much from YouTube. if you get 10,000 views per day in YouTube and 10,000 views per day in website the website earning is 15-20 times more than the YouTube videos its fact and also CPC rate is very less sometime it also noticed the CPC rate of 0.00 $. If you are earning 15 $ per day in YouTube then from website you will earn 80 $ – 90 $. You can use the Google ad word to check the potential of the niche which you are using to make a website. Practically I have seen the person are getting 6$ -7$ per click when they get the traffic from USA.I have also attached the images which proof that USA traffic can make you rich. You can use the USA IP to see which videos are trending In USA. USA trending YouTube images are also attached below. In YouTube always use Standard YouTube License not creative common to monetize your videos if you are using creative common then other can use your videos to make money unfortunately Standard YouTube License will be automatically selected don’t worry. Best trick to get USA traffic to your website and YouTube videos 2018.

Best tips to get USA traffic

Trick to get USA traffic to your YouTube videos and website 2018

1. If you are making a website follow the Google policies and guidelines other Wise your account can be disabled follow the same policy in YouTube videos also. If am using the content against the Google policy and received 2 strikes and my blogger become disable permanently below is the proof.

2. Make a web page in language which is widely accepted that is ENGLISH. If you make a website in Indian language then you will get Indian traffic only but when you are using ENGLISH language then website will get worldwide traffic.

3. Use the unique and quality content to attract the visitor. Always make a habit to read 6-10 articles before writing about a topic. In below image you can see that USA is giving more earning then the INDIA and also the page views are more in INDIA and less in USA. This means on the basis of earning USA traffic is inversely proportional to INDIA traffic.

4. Choose the topic which is mostly search in USA and make a good video on that topic you will definitely get the USA traffic. This means if you want to get USA traffic you have to think that you are living in USA and make videos what your friends like in USA.

5. After making a video on a topic use the attractive title and description and use more than 2 different languages in title and description using Google translator to convert the languages.

6. After tittles and description use the niche which has well traffic in USA and tag it in the tag description.

7. Change the location of your video to USA by typing in the video location in advanced setting otherwise the location will be selected automatically according to your current location.

8. Make a habit to post at least one article in website or one video daily in YouTube to get traffic on daily basis.

9. You can use different traffic buying sites but from that sites you will get only traffic and not a single click on ads and also CPC will down it’s my personal experience so never try it. Do ethical work for stable earning. ‘Best trick to get USA traffic to your website and YouTube videos 2018’

By following the above steps you can receive a good traffic from USA and also you can earn very good money from Google AdSense or affiliate marketing or self-product. I have written an article on Google AdSense vs. affiliate marketing vs. self-product which has good traffic from USA, other than that I have found a keyword which has only USA with good conversion rate keyword is smart grade calculator.Best method to get USA traffic to your YouTube videos and website 2018”


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