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Truth behind the highest petrol price in INDIA 2018


Truth behind the highest petrol price in INDIA 2018 : I live in Bhopal and today the price of petrol is 83.74 INR and diesel piece is 72.69 INR have you ever think how petrol price is fixed and why petrol price is rising or decreasing and once it increases why it not go down to know about all these  facts read the full article carefully. Why the petrol price is higher as compare to past with attached proof 2018

Why the petrol price is high in India 2018

How petrol and diesel is made: Petrol and diesel cannot be made in India for that it requires raw material called as crude oil  and 80%  of crude oil is imported from outside India and crude oil comes in barrel and 1 barrel equals to 159 litres and cost of one barrel is 86.73 $ which is more in India other than any other country to refine petrol and  diesel we need to buy crude oil and crude is further refined to get petrol and diesel after refining petrol it cost 39 to 40 INR to dealer who is refining the petrol. From 40 INR when it reach to us the petrol price the government apply taxes first tax is imposed by central government called as excise duty and is  19 to 20 INR per litre which goes to central government. IN Bhopal the vat tax is 28% per litre and thus petrol price is reaches from 40 INR to 80 INR when it enters in our vehicles.

In 2012 – 2013 crude oil cost has decreased form 118 $ to 80 $ per barrel and government has applied taxes on that 80 $ price. Because of 80 $ per barrel cost of crude oil ,Petrol price is not fluctuating between year 2013 to 2017 but in year 2018 the cost of crude oil is again increases form 80$ to 118 $ and when the price was 80 $ per barrel government has applied taxes but now the price of crude oil increases again to 118 $ and government cannot take imposed taxes on petrol because of that reason the price of petrol is increasing and it will not fall down until the price of crude oil not decreases

In 2014 to 2015 when the price of petrol is increased total revenue goes to central government from excise duty is 99184 core and when crude oil decreases and petrol price has increased the profit is double i.e. 242691 cores if they reduce tax by 1% then they face loss of 13000 cores so government fall in trap by increasing the taxes on crude oil when the price was 80 $ per barrel. ‘Why the petrol price is higher as compare to past with attached proof 2018’

For example : when we give five rupees to someone we ask him were he has spent that money but we are paying a huge amount of taxes to government and no one is asking were the money is going when we rise any question we become antinationalist so there is a reason why our media not able to ask question with the government all the product comes in GST but why not in petrol it is a very big question central and state government is earning a very big amount from these central and state taxes .Petrol should come is GST what you think about these article please comment and share the article . “Petrol price is higher because of taxes imposed on petrol and diesel in 2018”


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