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Top 9 free SEO tools to rank at top in Google search result 2018


Top 9 free SEO tools to rank at top in Google search result 2018: Hello friends in these article I am going to share free tools which will help you to rank your website or blog, to find good keyword to rank your website, rank your website in a faster way and also you can increase the speed of your website if you want to use free tools then read the full article below. Best 9 free SEO tools to rank at top in Google search result 2018.

Top 9 free SEO tools to rank at number one in Google search result 2018

1 SEO BY YOAST: SEO by yoast is a word press plugin if you are a bigner and you don’t know what is SEO how to write paragraph, how to write a proper article then you should try yoast plugin you’re your article after using these plugin you will find to know number of keywords included in your site, about site tittle meta description how many tabs you are using etc.

2.WP-FASTEST CACHE : These is also a word press plugins it basically increase’s the speed of your website if you are new to website or blogger you should use wp-fastest cache plugin to increase the speed of your website or blog. Just you have to install the plugin and all other process will be automatically start.

3.SCHEMA : when you do Google search you find in some sites show as a 5 star or 3 star rating by using schema tool you can also show the rating of your website or blog.it also reflect the quality of your website.

4. BROKEN LINK CHECKER: suppose you have written an article in your blog post, you have used 3rd link or third party link on your website or blog. If After some time it is found that the 3rd link which you have used in your blog or website is not working or it is taken down by Google or it got hit from Google in such case that 3rd link will also cause negative effect on your blog or website to get rid from these problem you  can use broken link checker by using these broken link checker in your blog or website it will show all the broken link which are present in your blog , which are showing error, links which are not working in your blog or website.

5. GOOGLE AND BING WEBMASTER TOOL: when you have created a new website after one week also when website don’t not receive any traffic or not ranking in Google it is happening because you have published the website or blog but how Google or Bing will came to know that the new website is available with good article to rank in search engine in these case you have to submit site map to Google and Bing search engine.

6. KEYWORD RESEARCHING TOOL: By using these tools you can filter high CPC keywords which will give you more earning website link is www.keyword.io visit the site and you can get good keyword if you want you can also use the Google keyword planner along with the above website to get more effective result. If you have keyword with less competition but keyword getting good traffic from the internet you can earn good money.

7. SEO EXTENSION: if you are a blogger and you are browsing internet you should use SEO extension in your browser it will work in any browser such as chrome or Mozilla suppose you search anything on Google you will see so many results by using these extension you can check which website is ranking in which page, What are its PR, DR and what is the competition. You should use SEO extension because no one know when and how much efficient keyword you will get during searching e.g.: smart grade calculator is a keyword with 5 lakh monthly searches and the search is coming only from USA only not from India or Pakistan or any other countries etc. on smart grade calculator you will receive high CPC.   

8. GOOGLE ANALYTICS: when you are using blog or website you should connect with Google analytics because you should know many users are coming in your website per day and you should track which user is reading more article or any error is occurring on any article of your blog post etc., to know on which article more traffic is coming it is obvious that on which article you are getting more traffic you will work on that article and you will write other articles related to that articles. ‘Best 9 free SEO tools to rank at top in Google search result 2018'.

These are free tools if you are using some different tools or plugins  then you should comment below and tell and these will help other blogger who are visiting or are in need. “Top nine free SEO tools to rank # 1 in Google search result 2018”.


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