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Top 5 best and free keyword research tool for blogger 2018


Top 5 best and free keyword research tool for blogger 2018 : These article is very important because in these article I am going to share top 5 best free keyword research tool during reading the above sentence you will think that why these keyword research tool is required below is the best Example suppose you have written a article on insurance I know the article is about insurance but how Google will come to know that the article which you have written is related to insurance when I found the same article on Google by search then I will came to know that the article is about insurance similarly if you not reach to Facebook via search then how will you came to know about Facebook similarly you have to give direction to any article  that it is written about insurance and you have to rank that article on Google you can check the competition on that keyword, traffic on that keyword etc. mostly ahrefs used but if you are a beginner or start up then it is very costly. You can try the other alternatives of ahrefs alternatives not show accurately but these will be very helpful for a start-up or a beginner in this article I am sharing free key wood research tool.Top 5 best and free keyword research tool for word press 2018.

Top 5 best and free keyword research tool 2018

1. GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER : It is basically a ad word which is an advertising related planner these keyword planner show the keyword which keyword is more successful in advertising it is 100% free, you can check the competition of keyword, traffic on keyword, CPC of keyword it will not show as ahrefs  but it will help you a lot.

2. KW FINDER: These keyword tool offers you a free trial in which you can use all the features for one month for free and after using the software if you like you can buy that software its plans are Basic plane is 49$ ,Regular 69$ and Premium plan is 129$.following are its features.

1. It show the keyword which are socially powerful

2. It shows the Completion on keyword

3. Website which you have to beat for rank your website than you can check its backlink to rank at that level.

4. It show particular state and city target keyword or how much traffic is coming on that keyword and from which city

3.MOZ KEYWORD EXPLORER : It is attractive and better than above two free keyword research tool it uses Google keyword to suggest which keyword we should rank, it also show search result of keyword has extended keyword which you can also link , it shows SEO strategy how you can rank your site.

4. KEYWORD TOOL: It help us for mining of keyword by showing its CPC, CTR, you can compare that keyword to how you can rank. it is 100% free it not only show keyword which are ranking in goggle but also show the keyword which are ranking in Bing and yahoo search engine  also .you should try it is free and any data you can export to excel and do offline research. These keyword planners also help you check the competition on YouTube, android app world, twitter, Facebook etc.

5. SEMRUSH : It give us many advance features it help us to find long tails keyword research and SEO if you are using ad word than you will get more CPC because of its advanced keyword researching feature which are as follows :

1. How much time it takes to rank your selected keyword.

2. How selected keyword perform in Google.

3. Expected click and traffic on the keyword which you have selected.

4. It is after ahrefs

Below id the ranking of keyword research tool which is more frequently used mostly big blogger are using ahrefs."Top 5 best and free keyword research tool for website 2018"

Ahrefs > semrush > keyword tool > moz keyword > google keyword planner

Before earning any single money you should try all the free tools and use your start-up money in buying a domain name and to get hosting and after 1 to 2 years when you start earning some money you can spend some money in buying any paid keyword reach tool. Focus on only increasing the content on your website by using less competition long tail keyword and after try short tail keyword."Top 5 best and free keyword research tool for YouTube 2018"


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