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New Google AdSense feature to increase your website income 2018


New Google AdSense feature to increase your website income 2018 : If you are running a website or blog you can make good money from Google ad sense or any other publisher website but mostly preferred website is Google ad sense as the Google is a very big organization. From May 2017 Google ad sense official plug-in which is available on word press will not work so, Google has launched a new Google ad sense ads features which will definitely increase your ad sense earning. By these new features of ad sense you will get more clicks on your ads, high CPC and CTR rate. In this article I have discussed all the new ads features by Google. Increase Google AdSense earning with new Google AdSense features 2018.

New feature in Google AdSense to increase Google AdSense income 2018

1. Page level ads: Google ad sense official plug-in is not allowed in word press so, Google launched a new ads feature called as page level ads. In these feature you have to generate only one ad sense code and put this ad sense code on the header and ads will automatically appear within 2 minutes. But before the launch of these new features to place a ads code on header, footer and right side bar you have to generate different-different ads and place the ads on different section of the website but now you have to generate all in one code place it on website the ads will appear on all pages and in clickable place automatically.

2. How to set up page level ads: login to ad sense account and go to page level ads and click on generate code, copy the code and paste the code between the head and body at the header section of the website. The position may be different depending upon the theme which you are using. In many theme it is not possible to find the exact position so you can manually create the head and body and paste the code between head and body by using the ms word and copy the complete code and paste it any ware on the header section of your website it will start working. Below is the attached image of both code pasting.

2. Mobile ads: To enable the ads to appear on the mobile just enable the feature and ads will appear on mobile when any one open your website via mobile, tab etc.

3. Search console: search console is the powerful feature which you should use on your website generates the code, by using the text widget of the word press paste the code on the right side of the webpage. When any one search using these console you’re all related article will be listed in the result of the search console, but first enable the show my web page result feature.

4. Gaming ads: if you have a gaming website you can use these feature on your website game related ads will appear on your website.

5. Video ads: if your website contain only video then you can use video ads the video ads will appear on your website like YouTube.Increase Google AdSense earning with new Google AdSense features 2018’.

6. Matching ads: This is again a new ads feature by Google were you can get ads related to your post if your post is about cricket only cricket ads will appear. For these generate the code paste it manually between the body on a Ms word and copy finally copy the all code and paste it on the footer of the website or at any position you want.Make money with Google AdSense new features 2018”.

The above are best and new ads feature introduced by the Google ad sense which will help you to increase you earning. For any query you can comment below.


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