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How to rank your blog post in Google step by step 2018


How to rank your blog post in Google step by step 2018: In 2018 you have noticed that ranking of a many website changes when you search any keyword the website which was ranking before is not ranking now and yes it is happening  because one website cannot rank be ranked for the more times but now the Google has updated its policy and algorithm of ranking any website now Google is totally focusing on content and not on the backlinks now ,content is king if you are a good writer or your content has power then your website or blog will rank. Rank your site without backlinks on Google 2018.

Google is going to remove backlink system to rank any website and in future good content will be only the way to rank your website or blog in Google search engine.

Back ling is going to be down in future many blogger are coping data from back linked website after doing some editing they are creating totally new and quality content post. Many people are using plugins, software  tricks and do follow  ,no follow backlinks ,blackhead tricks are closed and if you now want to rank your site or blog in Google you have to write original content ,keep back ling one side and remember one thing don’t post same article again and again suppose if anyone had made website or post on JIO offer’s then the people who had posted that article first on Google that article will rank and other will not rank and no backlink will work Google will rank on the basis of duration and way of writing article.

New Google algorithm updates rank your blog faster on internet 2018 : To rank your website on after writing the quality content consider the following points

1. Page navigation is important make good page navigation write all post in details.

2. Write more than 500 words article and Google will checks the quality of writing and not the quantity and how you have described the post on your article.

3. Socially power of articles:  How much article is liked, shared by peoples is also crawled by Google, twitter, Google +, instagram etc

5. Google cannot remove backling totally because it is a very big thing to do so by Google will slowly remove the backlinks and they are working on it.

6. The Day will come on which we will stop making BACKLINKS because Google updates will change.

How to rank your article on Google 2018

1. Website should be web and mobile friendly both, you have to decide yourself what you want you want to rank in Google one time or you want to maintain your rank in Google and work accordingly.

2. Content should be long describing more useless images videos etc.

3. Write article and make backlinks after 2 to 3 days on the same day Google will detect what you have done because making backlinks just after the post not sounds good.

4. Use arhef to make backlinks don’t make the backlinks on the same site on which your competitor had made think different and make backlink on other related websites.

5. Submit article to Google.

6. Try to daily update your website. ‘Rank your site without backlinks on Google 2018’

Follow the above article carefully to rank your website on Google and also to maintain your rank in Google. “Big change in Google algorithm rank your site on Google 2018”


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