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How to list your website in Google search result 2018


If are doing blogging or any other type of online business that means you are making Internets as a source of income. The first step to start a profitable business is to get traffic on your website without traffic you will not get customer and without customer your business will fail. Customers are of many types but the best type of customers is organic customers. Organic customer reaches to your business through referral, online search result and they become your permanent customers. So try to get more and more organic traffic to your website, best possible way to get in search engine result is by creating the quality and viral content, when your blog or website is new use social network to expose your business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Suppose you have created a website for your business. But what’s its use, if the website doesn’t come up on GOOGLE or any other search engines, and even if it is coming up, it is displaying on 10th page of the Google, now you want your website to come up on first page on Google search engine, how you going to do that, SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which do the exactly the same thing. There is very simple way to do it, and various tools are available to support you. Google Analytic, Google web master tool are few of them.

How my website is on top of Google search: First I suggest you to rank the keyword which has low search volume because if you will try to rank on big keywords then it can take 6 to 10 months but if you try to rank on keywords with less search result your website will take pick up and within 2 month your website will be on top 10 search result. Below I am discussing about how my website is listing in top 10 with attached proof.

How to be on top of Google search

1. Select a good domain name

2. Make a blog and post all the original content and images, please don’t copy and paste

3. When your blog reaches more than 20 original posts you will receive 200 to 500 page view per day and you can easily take ad sense approval

4. Go to the plug-in wizard of the word press and install Yoast SEO plug-in, after installing the yoast SEO tool now you can see the strength of your post RED, ORANGE and GREEN.GREEN indicator show that your webpage is in good condition, ORANGE show that your post is fare and can appear in the search result and RED show that the post is not at that level to appear in the search result. So try to achieve ORANGE indicator and remove all RED indicators.

5. Use the tag same the name of your website title and make a habit to use h1, h2, and h3 tags.

6. If you are a new blogger so make a face book page with the name of your website, account on twitter and account on LinkedIn make at least 3 accounts in which you will share post every time ,when you post on your blog. There are many social networking sites but please use at least this three compulsorily on your blog with sharing wizard on your blog.

7. By using these simple tips I have make my website to come in top 10 search result.

8. Always use the tag with high search volume the post title which i have used in this post has about About 47, 80, 00,000 search results (0.81 seconds)

9. There are many blogger who are making money by using some tricks so please avoid the entire shortcut against Google and do hard work when your website will appear on Google search result that day you will make your day.


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