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How to link your affiliate link with buysellads website 2018


How to link your affiliate link with buysellads website 2018 : When any website rank in top of the Google search engines this means, that website has good content, website is mostly accepted by people worldwide and also it has good Alexa ranking such website sell their ads space to others. For e.g. if you have a website www.theviraltechblog.com which receives 9000k traffic per month and you are a publisher, that ads receive 8000k impression then, that ads space can be sell to other for a particular period of time or depending upon your plan which you makes. If you are making a website or a blog, that blog can make good money from many sources so try to make a good website or blog. How to make money with buysellads website 2018

Advertise with buysellads website and make money online 2018

Buysellads website: Buysellads website is a one of the biggest place from where you will get the entire top website which sells their ads space or receives good traffic every month. Buysellads website also offers Monetization Solution of Choice for High-Quality Content Creators. Global alaxa ranking of Buysellads website is 45247 and rank in United States is 21465, this is a trusted website with good traffic. To buy an ads space on Buysellads website first you have to register and then go to market place to find a good traffic website.

Register with buysellads: To register just click on the register now link available on the website fill the general details as all registration requires, agree the terms and condition and click on green tab create an account and verify your email address. Login to account and go to market place.

Marketplace of Buysellads website: login to account and go to market place and select the website from the listed categories, on which you want to buy ads space.

How to buy an ads space on Buysellads website: when you login and go to market place you will see all the categories select your categories you want to advertise

Example: suppose I want to advertise a dog training digital product then I will select the pet’s categories and see the list of website in the list 4 website open with their monthly impressions. I have selected The Labrador Site because it has maximum monthly impression, after selecting I have found that the monthly impression of the banner is 785000 monthly.

Alaxa ranking of The Labrador Site: The global ranking of the website is 118783 with a 7711 increase in the rank and united state rank is 69624.

Ads plan of The Labrador Site

Right sidebar ads: The banner size allowed is 130 x 100 Middle Right, Estimated impression is 785000 per month,3 of 4 ads space is available, with a add to cart price of $ 150.

Right sidebar Bargain ads: The banner size allowed is 130 x 100 Middle Right, Estimated impression is 785000 per month,4 of 4 ads space is available, with a add to cart price of $ 80.

Upload creative: After adding to cart it will ask to upload creative, when you click on upload creative option a new window will open with option to upload the choose file (image of your ads 130 x 100), link (affiliate link of your ads) and alternate text if you want to add after entering all the 3 component correctly go to save option and then go to billing after payment the banner impression is started for 30 days from today and also your earning from affiliate link. This website Accept only affiliate links and not any type of codes so you can’t advertise your Google ad sense banner, if you want advertise such codes you have to convert the code into a valid URL link. Other website is available in Buysellads website which will give you this option also. ‘How to link your affiliate link with buysellads website 2018’

Earning proof: You are paying 80 $ to 150 $ for 785000 impression suppose 1% of them click and buy the product with an average sale of 1$ then you will earn 7850 $ and you also know that no one will promote 1 $ product it will be minimum of 25 $ per sale profit product. Below is the latest earning proof of online biggest affiliate marketing product of click bank. “Make money online with buysellads website 2018”


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