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How to find best time to upload your YouTube videos with attached proof 2018


How to find best time to upload your YouTube videos with attached proof 2018:  If we want to make money from YouTube, then we will make a video and upload in a YouTube channel but this type of thinking cannot give you good views, subscriber and earning. To make money with YouTube we have to think like a professional and we have to execute how the professional you tubers do. When we see the words professional we thick that it requires coding and other programs which cannot be done by a normal individual but believe me any one can make good money from YouTube, it just require hard work and patience without coding and programming. We have to think like professionals and use some tips and trick as the professional you tuber do. Here we will talk about real time. Best Time to upload YouTube videos on your YouTube channel 2018.

Get subscriber and views on your YouTube videos by uploading in Right time 2018

Sometime you will notice that after uploading a video you will get good views and subscriber but after some when you again upload other video you are getting less view and zero subscribers so, the Time matters. To make money with YouTube we must give importance to time, when and what time we have to upload videos in YouTube.

YouTube channel: Along with the best sound, video and channel quality best time is also an important part of YouTube to grow your YouTube channel. If your channel is at 10 Million subscribers or zero subscribers you should keep in mind when I have to publish my videos in YouTube channel. Below topic is very instructing so please read each and every content and Below I have discussed the best tips to grow your YouTube channel fast, find at what real time you can get maximum views and also get maximum subscribers.

YouTube with zero or less subscribers: if you are a new YouTube try to upload videos daily at fixed time and if you are not uploading daily select a day and time to upload yours videos like a TV channel for e.g. Friday at 9 AM. If your videos are on good content then the viewers will subscribe you to get the next upload because the internet is very big the best ways to get back videos is to subscribe a channel. Use the channel art with time and date and mention about what will be your next video. If you are starting a new channel and interesting channel the viewer should know the next upload. Interested viewers randomly visit to your channel on same date and time.

YouTube with good subscribers: if your channel is getting good views daily then the views will be according to countries. All the countries have different time so the views will also be different. For example in India when you published video at 12 AM you will get very less views as it is the sleeping time in India and select the other countries accordingly. If you are getting USA traffic, time is different and finds the good time from the real time option available in YouTube.

Check the real time in internet: login to YouTube channel > video manager > analytics > real time > geography. From the real time you will get the detail of your videos, geography, device type and operating system.

From the real time option of YouTube you can find at what time your videos are getting views so upload the video at that real time only as a result of which you will get good views, subscriber and earning too. The graph will automatically uploaded in every 10 seconds and you can find the start of peak time and peak time so, upload the video before the start of peak time. My channel views have maximum from India so if you views are from USA the start of peak time and peak time will be different use this trick to get more views and subscriber by applying this trick finally you will find your time to upload YouTube videos.

Tips for YouTube videos and channel

1. When you make a YouTube videos always try to make your video with your image and voice and tell the viewers to like, comment and subscribe your channel if they want, and always tell them to subscribe in the trailer only not at the end because in many cases people not watch the videos till end.

2.Every day 30 % new people are surfing internet who are totally new and they definitely click the ads to check what this ads contain, try to get that type of viewers because some day we were also new to the internet

3.Always use suspense title and thumbnail in the videos to get views ,but not deviate from the theme of the videos because it is illegal to use to use different  video and different thumbnail in a YouTube it will increase your dislike and may channel suspend
E.g. Thumbnail of technical guruji channel

4. Produce the content which the people want to watch

5. If you are a new you tuber best length for a YouTube video is less than 3 minutes because in longer video the views get decrease automatically

6. Always write engaging title on YouTube videos.

7. There are two types of customers on YouTube potential customers and future potential customer e.g. if you are promoting a good product in channel and the product is costly then he will wait and collect some money to but the products his are future potential customer these type customer save their video or links to buy in future.

8. Use the auto refresh plus extension in your browser it will help you to check the exact number of views on your YouTube views.

9. Optimize the first three lines of the video. YouTube search algorithm tends to show the favours words in the first two lines of the YouTube video descriptions.

10. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world ranking your videos in search engine will give you consistent and nondependent views, the subscriber and social site can give you quick and easy views for 2 to 3 days but after that the views get decreases if your video is not ranking in search result. In YouTube 60% of videos is search result oriented.

11. Collaboration: Do meet up and give training, on online contest, dispatch giveaway to winners on time distribute prize to become a brand in online field.

12. Consistent, creative, quality content will give you good ranking in search result and try to upload at least 2 to 4 videos a week. If you are doing on daily basis then nobody can stop you to get success.

13. Use all social media present in the internet face book, twitter, instagram, tumbler, LinkedIn etc to increase views and subscriber.

14. Community: engage as much as you can engage in comments, active in social sites, try to serve better reply to each and every comment and don’t forget to say thank you.

15. After sometime when your channel become popular fix the time to upload videos like a TV show or fix a time to upload a video and also you can use the trailer of next upcoming video on the current video.

16. Many book are available online by the success you tuber you can also refer that and some book are available online for free.

17. Use the same keywords in title, description and tag.

18. Use question and answers session online to guide new you tuber.

19. Google needs more information to rank your videos so try to use subtitle cc and also YouTube cards for cross promotion.'Best Time to upload YouTube videos on your YouTube channel 2018'

From the above article you may get your answer about how to get views on your you tube channel along with subscriber and earning "Get views on your YouTube videos by uploading in right time 2018"



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