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Best tips for your YouTube channel to increase views and subscriber 2018


Best tips for your YouTube channel to increase views and subscriber 2018: To make money on YouTube you need views, subscriber and revenues. If you want to increase views subscriber and revenue by smart work and not by hard work read the below five tips carefully and also try to apply such real tips and trick to make money by good and easy way from YouTube. Hard work give you money but after getting the money you will think that this is not the payment of hard work I mean to say that you expectation is 1000$ but you receive only 400 $, but when you do smart work you will definitely get  2000$ which is beyond your expectation. Increase your views and subscriber by using tricks 2018.

Best tips for your YouTube channel to gain subscriber 2018

1. How to Increase YouTube views

To increase your videos views your videos should come in the search result, for this you have to install the extension on your browser tube buddy this extension is free and easy to install in web browser. Tube buddy will help you to check the ranking of tag which you have used in your YouTube videos. As we know the use of tag is very important in YouTube because that tag will give you rank in search result.

Suppose any one is searching for How to Increase YouTube views easily and you have made the video on How to Increase YouTube views easily topic and used the How to Increase YouTube views easily in the description of your video also then ,that description will show the rank of your video by tube buddy at what number this video will display on YouTube search engine, depend upon the potential search of the keyword Many people say that they are not getting views in YouTube they should install the tube buddy extension and then edit your video description carefully to get ranked in search result.

In tube buddy the rank is displayed in the tag itself in a green colour as in the below image. In this way you can rank your videos easily in YouTube. So, check the potential of key word by keyword planner and make video on that potential keyword and use the same keyword in description and tag.

2. How to increase YouTube subscribers

To get subscriber people are using the comment section by typing SUB ME SUB YOU (subscribe me I will subscribe you back), by this method you can only get the silver button from YouTube but not the stable earning. Sometime comment section of the channel is also suspended for 3 month and even more. To get more subscriber try to engage the viewer in your videos, they should get what they are expecting from your videos if you prove yourself in front of viewers they will definitely subscribe you. If the video is long and what they want is present at the end or centre of the video then you should use table of content feature of YouTube.

Table of content: when you open a book in first page of the book index is present which show you that in what page what topic is present and by finding the page number of the topic you directly go to that page and get the info similarly the table of content is a index of your video, these feature will allow you to enter the time and description of the video, to enable this feature just enter the time and description of the video at what time the other content of the video will starts and when someone click on that time then direct the video content of that particular time will start.

3. How to increase YouTube revenue

These features will work if you are a quality video creator of more than 10 minutes. I have used the term quality video creator because the content of quality video, each and every second is watched carefully by the viewer even some time they do not click the option to skip ads because they think that after clicking they can be diverted to other page and they lost the video from the open window so they watch the whole ads. Suppose at this condition if you are using 4 to 5 ads on the 10 minutes or more than 10 minutes videos by ad break option you’re earning will automatically increase, ad break option will come only in case when your video is of 10 minutes. You can add the ads manually at any position you want.

Note: some time after adding the 4 to 5 ads in 10 minutes videos the ads will not appear because it also depend upon the type of channel and its reputation, but it happens in rare cases.

4. YouTube description tips

Title, description and tag are the 3 most important area of the video. To fill this carefully tube buddy will allow you to select the specific length of the tittle, length of description and the number of tag which is maximum required in the channel. ‘Best tips for your YouTube channel to gain subscriber 2018’.

5. YouTube default settings

If my channel is about hot scenes and sex videos then I will add some title, description and tag in the default setting by which whenever I upload any video the title, description and tag is automatically added into the uploading video this feature is very help full if you want to add website link or any other social site links to every YouTube video by this feature you do not have to waste your time in typing the same content again and again. “Tips for your YouTube channel to grow faster 2018”


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