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How to promote click bank product with Bing advertisement with attached proof 2018


How to promote click bank product with Bing advertisement with attached proof 2018 : Hello friends in this article I am sharing how to properly promote click bank products on Bing advertisement. Normally what people do they select any product from click bank without any research and start promoting that product on Bing advertising after 2 days no sales is seen on their dashboard ,these is totally wrong process to promote the affiliate products. In below article I am giving the proper method how to promote click bank product on Bing advertising .click bank mostly contains digital products and digital products are mostly preferred by people who are living outside India i.e. mostly preferred in USA and UK Bing advertising provide you platform to reach such customers because in Bing mostly the search are done in USA and UK because in USA and UK people use Bing as a search engine follow the below steps by step guide to Use yahoo and Bing advertising network to promote click bank products 2018.

Following are the steps to follow:

1. Go to click bank and make an account.

2. How to select product: what normally people do they select the product on the basis on their commission and not on the basis of sales to earn more commission they select more commission product these is the first and bigger mistake all people do sometime people also select 1000 dollar product but if you are doing business to earn 1000 dollar then you have to invest minimum 10% of that earning i.e. 100 dollar yes friends these is the biggest secret of online advertisement.

3.Gravity: Gravity of the product should be “between” 20% to 50% if you choose 100 % gravity product there is a chance that many people are focussing on 100 % gravity product and your sale will also go down because in Bing advertisement your ads biding amount will also more so you will earn less and invest more.

4.Commission: You should choose the commission 10 $ to 15$ if you choose 100$ to 200$ commission product then there you have to invest more. ‘Promote click bank products with yahoo and Bing advertising network 2018’.

5.Testing of product: Any product will not give you sale in 1 to 2 days you have to test the product first in any affiliate marketing we have to do advertise our product for minimum 7 day. 

we have to do 7 day testing of any affiliate product these is the first step to follow in any affiliate program and in these 95 % people fails suppose we have choose 10$ product select the URL of product short by bit.ly or purchase domain suppose the product is name is A total investment is 10% i.e. 1$ per day for 4 days it means you have to invest 4$   for Bing advertising bid for 4 days to get proper keyword after 4 days investment is 4$ and you will get all the proper keywords  select the keyword again promote it for 3 days investment will be 3$ and now the total investment is 7$ after 1 week suppose we have generated 2 sales 20$.total sales minus total investment equals to profit so,20$ – 7$ =13 $ Profit after 7 days you will find that the  product is converting if you getting good conversion rate from that product then go for Google ad word it will work more.in ad word you will get 2 to 3 sales per day. “Use yahoo and Bing advertising network to promote click bank products 2018”

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