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How to start a affiliate marketing with only 15 $ and earn 500 $ with full proof plan 2018


How to start a affiliate marketing with only 15 $ and earn 500 $ with full proof plan 2018 : In this article I will discuss about how you can start affiliate marketing with 1000 rupees only  without any experience or without any basic knowledge just read the full article to apply on your website. If you have decided to start an affiliate marketing it need lots of money to invest, but here I will share a cheapest method to start affiliate marketing with attached proof 2018 by using these simple method you can start earning money from today.

What is affiliate marketing: when you promote any products which belong to other, when third person buy that product you will you will get commission. Suppose you are promoting a product of 500 $ when that product is sale by you, you will get commission from 500$ it can be 5 % to 10% these is affiliate marketing. But many people don’t know in affiliate marketing there is an affiliate marketing which belongs to email and zip submitting offers also.

Email and zip submitting affiliate marketing: when you do internet surfing after surfing 10 to 15 website you will find a pop up window open which mostly contains offers, offers related to win a I phone x, you have been selected for I phone x, get a chance to win I phone x, Mumbai mom is making 30000/day etc. in all these popup website you need to submit your name, phone no, email address, zip code etc. Sometime message comes in what s app group that paytm is giving give away of 500 rupees just enter your details such as name, email address and zip code and when you submit it, it  ask to forward in 10 groups to calm it, all these thing is an email and zip submitting affiliate marketing. IN India email and zip submitting commission is very low if you want to earn more join ad work media which will give you minimum 3 $ per submitting and maximum up to 25 $ per submit.

How to start affiliate marketing by cheapest method with attached proof 2018: Follow the following steps carefully to make money with affiliate marketing 2018.

1. Sign up to ad work media select the best email and zip submitting offer which you want to promote, remember one thing ad work media provide you international offers so some time offer may not open in India, but then also if you want to promote that offer then you can use free VPN to open that offer and check the landing page of the website.

2. select the link which you want to promote, register a domain name with go daddy or any other domain registrar website which will cost you only 350 rupees, but the domain name should match with the selected link, suppose link is about I phone offer and you have to promote it in USA then select the domain name with winiphonexusa.com. Purchase only domain no hosting is required because we will redirect the ad work media URL to go daddy URL.

3.Now register with c panel add your ad-work media domain name and redirect the ad work media domain to these domain i.e. www.winiphonexusa.com now we have to promote www.winiphonexusa.com  attractive domain to earn money. Next step is to make flyer for distribution.

4. You can make your own flyer by using logo maker website or you can buy it from fiver website which will cost you maximum 300 INR (5$), Take time to make a good flyer because flyer will give you sales. You can make your own flyer using paint also now we have to promote the flyer.

5. We can use the Facebook campaign, goggle ad word, Bing advertising but it will cost more and also not reach the targeted audience which we want we will target to schools, university and small companies were the conversion rate are very high but when we target to big companies and business class conversion rate will be very less because they already own a I phone. ‘Campaign will get more conversion when the new mobile phone are launching’ so stay tuned with tech updates whenever new mobile is going to launch we can make good money by using these trick.

 6.Flyer distribution : In below image I am giving the screen of Ireland offer with the landing page remember the campaign need only Ireland people to fill their mobile number so we will not go to Ireland to distribute the flyer ,what we do we will go on fiverr website  and search for flyer distributor in Ireland it will cost 5 $ and we will talk with the distributor about the commission also that we will give him 10 % of the total sales archived with the flyer distribution  done by him so he will also take  interest to work with and hence we will earn money by using these simple method we can “ Earn  more than 500 $ with just 15 $ investment”.

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