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How to Report Invalid click activity on your blog or YouTube channel to Google 2018


How to Report Invalid click activity on your blog or YouTube channel to Google 2018: To make money from YouTube You will login to YouTube account and uploaded a video and enable the monetization option to earn money from that video in your ad sense account. You will earn money when ads are clicked by the viewer during watching your videos. But some bad clickers view your videos on YouTube and repeatedly click on ads. To Google, advertisers are more important than publisher because 97% of revenue is generated by advertisers so don’t play with Google. From last few months Google ad sense is more serious towards invalid click, tech crunch the famous tech blog also mentioned that in last month Google has suspended more than 20,000 YouTube and ad sense account this is 101% true because last week my YouTube channel is suspended. How to keep ad sense safe from invalid click activity 2018.

What is fake click activity on blogger or YouTube videos 2018?

Suspension period: suppose in your family there are 10 members and two are using YouTube channel and other 5-6 member are repeatedly clicking on ads by mistake or you are allowing them to click on the ads then Google will block the product with their account.

Suspension for one month: when your CTR is between 1 to 10 % then you are safe but when CTR is more than 15% for more than 3 times a week then you’re are in danger zone your will soon disabled for one month if you don’t take any action. During this period your monetization is suspended and no ads will appear on your videos after one month the account will be enabled automatically and you will receive the notification by Google and ads will start appearing on your videos.

Suspension for six month: second times when you receive the invalid click Google will suspended your account for six month I have even faced this suspension also during this period you will face a big loss if are earning a good amount from Google ad sense and YouTube. Example if you are earning 500 $ per month then you will direct loss 30000$ which is a big amount. Many you tuber are also earning more than that. Daily give 5 minutes a day to your ad sense account to check your CTR if you see that the CTR are going more than 15% just disable the monetization on YouTube and fill the invalid click contact from.

Permanently suspended: if you receive multiple times invalid click Google will permanently suspend your account and you have to fill and submit the invalid activity appeal form to Google ,90% of people does not get their suspended account but if believe that you have done a good work all your work are original then you can try  your luck.

CTR (Click-through rate): CTR is the percentage of people click on your ads you can check your CTR in the performance section of the Google ad sense account. when the CTR is between 3 -10 then you are in safe zone but when it cross 15 then you are in danger but when your CTR is more than 20 to 25 then you have to definitely report to Google. Google also want to be you in safe zone because Google ad sense is a revenue sharing program in which Google keep 45 % and 55 % is giving to you in short Google are earning from you only.try to get no strike  and use your or free music ,your video etc in your videos.

Why the CTR become high

Jealous: some people feel jealous by seeing the earning of others ad sense account. You will receive your first earning from ad sense after 2-3 month sometime it can take 4-5 depend upon your hard work. My ad sense account is 3 year old and I have not received a single payment from ad sense now I am trying to build myself in the field of blogger last month it reaches 95$ from 25$ it is a result of good work soon the day will come I will earn 100$ per day.

Self-clicking: Some people are using VPN and other trick to earn from Google ad sense but algorithm of Google ad sense become smarter and you can’t cheat more.

Comment reading: suppose you are a new you tuber and someone has commented on your video to check the comment you have to open the video and during that opening process the video start playing and also ads appears sometime the ads are even click by mistake so try to avoid this.


1. Check your CTR on daily basis

2. Never purchase the website traffic or traffic for your YouTube channel

3. Not allow your family member or friends to click on your ads

4. Comment: To check comment on your videos go to YouTube/comment by doing so you will able to see only comment and no video will viewed during the checking the comment. In smart phone download the creator studio app and login with YouTube account. Always try to reply your viewers by this method to prevent invalid click.

5. Disable/enable monetization: if you are a new you tuber and just started a channel then enable your monetization option when you receive more than 500 subscribers. Many you tuber think that after uploading a single video and enable the monetization in YouTube they will start making money from ads but please avoid to do this. If you have views and subscriber then CTR itself will try to remain below 15 %.Less subscriber >less viewers>less ads display > CTR more >account is on risk. It’s a common mentality of a youtuber of enabling the monetization after uploading a single video. In single video if you receive click then also the CTR will be high.

Google forms for invalid click activities: when you fill the appeal form it will ask all the detail to fill in the form, fill the detail as you have filled in ad sense account correctly including publisher ID and content ID

INVALID ACTIVITY APPEAL: You can fill form online after login into the Gmail account when your account is disabled permanently.

INVALID CLICK CONTACT FORM: You can fill from online after login into the Gmail account when your account is getting CTR more than 15% thrice in a week. The form contains two important parts, I have mentioned below. ‘How to keep YouTube and website safe from invalid click activity 2018’

A paragraph describing what led you to believe the click activity is invalid: Sir, though I am a new YouTube, but I respect the Google ad sense policy and terms and conditions. I don’t encourage my friends and family to do any invalid clicks on my channel. But very unfortunate that these days my CTR is going very high and sometimes it is going above 21%. Please help me out of this danger because I am extremely afraid of my ad sense account suspension. I promote my videos by sharing on social media like face book, whatsapp, Instagram but I can’t understand who are doing these types of unusual activity on my channel. Again, I promise here that I will abide by the Google ad sense policy in every step of my activity. Thanks.

Please include any data from your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel traffic logs or reports that indicate suspicious IP addresses, referrers, or requests which could explain invalid activity: paste the link of the traffic source as shown below. “How to keep blog and YouTube safe from invalid click activity 2018”


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