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How to make money on YouTube without Google AdSense 2018


How to make money on YouTube without Google AdSense 2018 : Now a day’s many Google AdSense accounts of YouTube are being disabled and secondly YouTube earning has also declined very much as compare to previous days on YouTube. In this article I am sharing my personal three long term methods from where you can earn good money even more than Google AdSense YouTube videos. Below is the Trick to earn more than Google AdSense form your YouTube videos 2018.

How to make money on YouTube without Google AdSense 2018 when you hear the term sponsored you think it is difficult to get sponsor videos on YouTube but friends believe me you need only 5000 subscriber on your YouTube channel to claim sponsorship videos ads.

Fame bit: frame bit is free to register trusted website to get sponsorship videos first register on fame bit using you YouTube account and you can see the list of sponsors videos present on frame bit contact the author via email to get the sponsorship you can fix your price for sponsorship videos, from these site you can get sponsor videos ads and you will earn from YouTube weather it has monetization or not.

Pay per download (PPD): If you have channel related to gaming or you are giving review of other software then PPD is the best method of earning share cash, dollar upload are some of the best PPD sites just register on above site and upload your review game or software then use that download link in your YouTube videos description, if any one download from that link you will earn cash.

Affiliate marketing: Many big tech you tuber channel earn a very good dollar from these affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing give more high level earning than Google AdSense as we know on YouTube CPC is very low many good you tuber use theses trick to make money from their YouTube videos along with moniterization.eg Technical guruji and Technical sharmaji are some of the examples. If you are doing smart phone review or health product review then you can choose affiliate marketing as a source of income from YouTube. If you want to build a long term source of income then blogger, YouTube and affiliate marketing is the best 3 method which I personally suggest.

YouTube videos: when you monetize your YouTube videos the content should be original and there are many factors which you have to follow strictly to keep your channel safe but if your channel is not under monetization and you have good subscriber you can earn a good money via other methods also so when you start a YouTube channel you should focus to get subscriber and not money more the subscriber more you will earn money. Some of the conditions of YouTube are Use your own videos, Use non copy righted songs, use your own trailer etc.

Tips: You can use less than 30 second any videos or songs in your YouTube videos, by using these above tips I have made a YouTube channel and I have gained 15k subscriber below is the attached proof.

You cannot use anything’s which belongs to other if you use you will get copy right strike and when you receive copyrighted strike more than 3 times your channel will be deleted. ‘Best 3 methods to make money on you tube without Google AdSense 2018’ are YouTube, blogger and affiliate marketing.

When you receive these type of message on login these means your channel has been disabled or suspended, my next article will be “YouTube Google AdSense earning vs. other method earning from YouTube videos 2018”.

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