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How to make money from YouTube faster with attached proof 2018


How to make money from YouTube faster with attached proof 2018 : YouTube is an online video sharing platform from where you can make good money. From last 5 to 8 month after the launch of reliance JIO YouTube is becomes the number one platform to make money, even without any knowledge you can become millionaire in just one month. There are two types of people in the world one is hard worker and other is people who use shortcut and apply smartly that shortcut method to make money. Make money from YouTube faster than any other method 2018.

Best method to earn more money from YouTube with attached proof 2018

Hard work method to make money from YouTube: There are many people on the internet who are innocent and have no money but give full time, work hard, work full time on YouTube, uses real videos, good video background. They also follow big you tuber, learn from them, do research but then also they struggle for views, subscribers and not able to make good money from YouTube. As we know that hard work need patience so never give up.

Shortcut method to make money from YouTube: if we remove all the songs, movies and politics part from you tube you will find that 80% of the videos are spam, the videos has no proof of reality but then also these videos are trending in the YouTube, you will see that out of top five trending video three will be spam which has no reality but then also getting 2 to 3 millionaire views per day and it happen maximum time in India, not in USA and UK.

Reason behind spam trending on YouTube: YouTube India head office is at Mumbai called as YouTube space. YouTube space set the trending videos manually because they know what the people like in India and also they have to show proof to Google that they are generating good revenue from India. As we know Google pay 55% of the total revenue generated from videos and 45 % is taken by YouTube, the balance which is showing in your ad sense account is 55 % of the total revenue of that video this is the dark secrets of YouTube in India. When you search anything on YouTube this trending videos come in suggested videos and the thumbnail will be very attractive that you will watch that video and such type of video (spam) also gain good watch time.How to make money from YouTube faster with attached proof 2018’

How to make money from YouTube fast: I have attached the proof of the two days trending videos with earning proof. Out of five videos three are spam and two are ethical videos which deserve trending because of their hard work .you will also shock to know that, that three spam video is uploaded just one or two day back and also the trending video channel has only 20 to 30 videos. So stay on social media sites and open your eyes while travelling, you can get an attractive video which can trend on YouTube and also try to work out hardly and also smartly because we don’t know which can change our luck. In attached proof you will find that in one day people are becoming millionaire and some time it happen that the same videos tends for more than two days.Faster method to make money on YouTube in 2018”

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