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How to get 140$ per click from Google ad sense with attached proof 2018


How to get 140$ per click from Google ad sense with attached proof 2018: There are many keywords on which the Google ad sense is giving high CPC. To get the high CPC to your website you have to do keyword research by using keyword spy and secondly make your website eligible for matching content. In below article I will show you How to get 225$ and 140$ per click from Google ad sense with attached proof. Matching content is a new feature of good ad sense which will increase your page view and earning, matching content is the Secret to get 140$ per click from Google ad sense 2018.

How to earn 140$ per click from Google ad sense with attached proof 2018

To earn good money from good ad sense first you should know how to write an article which will help you to get traffic and also approval of matched content ads features of Google.

How to write article: High CPC ads appear on the articles which follow the ad sense policies strictly. Whenever you write any article you should use at least one picture and one video related to your article. If you do not have video you can use the YouTube video but try to make your videos related to your article if you do you can also earn money from YouTube also because it is seen that a person can earn either from YouTube or a website but not from both. A good you tuber cannot be a good website earner and good blogger cannot be a good You Tuber so, try both no one know which can change your life. You can also learn how to write a proper SEO base article for free. Share your articles with the friends, groups of social sites, block the low CPC websites and try to target USA which will give you good earning.

Images of article: search the Google images for your article from Google search engine. save the images in your computer, now right click on the save images and go to properties > details > write the keyword which you are targeting or want to target and click on save and the images is ready to use on your website by doing so you are doing the offline SEO of an images which will help your article to rank on Google. ‘Apply the above trick to get 225$ per click from Google ad sense’.

Match content ads by Google ad sense 2017: when your ad sense account website has good traffic then Google will automatically sent a notification to your notification section of ad sense account that your blog or website is approved for the match content feature, now just go to my ads their you can see the option of matched content, select the option select and create the ads unit and click on save and get the ads code now paste that ads code to your website to get match content ads, by using these new feature the Google will show the ads of your own content by which your traffic will increase and out of 4 ads 2 ads are of your website and other 2 ads are related to your content by Google . Example if you are writing an article on mesothelioma then you will get the CPC of 86 $ i.e. 'you will earn 860 $ just from 10 click on mesothelioma ads below is the attached proof'.

Earning proofs: Below are some of the earning proofs of Google ad sense account with 140$ and 225$ earning per click. By using the above trick “You will get 140$ per click from Google ad sense 2018”


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