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How to find a trending keyword for blog with attached proof 2018


How to find a trending keyword for blog with attached proof 2018: Hello friends if you want to make money online blogging is best and unique method than any other stable methods available on internet .In my last article I have shown you how to make 1000 dollar per day with event blogging (article link) so friends making more than 1000 dollar per day is possible by doing blogging online, but the question is how so, friends in these article I will show you the journey of earning money online from zero dollar to thousand dollar a day here I will discuss about the topic how you can use trending topics to  make money from fresh or new website in which keywords you have to work to get traffic etc.

By using trending topic earn 1000 dollar a day by blogging 2018: Below are the top 7 best source and best source to find trending topic on internet.

How to choose trending topic: Many people start their website and start posting article but if you are not receiving any traffic then there is no use of posting article again and again in your blog, It don’t matter how long you are doing blogging use the treading topic to get traffic on your blog for free, you should use the engaging topic which the internet surfer what to read.
How to find a trending keyword for blogging 2018

1. Twitter: Twitter is a high class social website which is used by all celebrities, politicians, business man’s etc. In twitter on the left hand side you can see trends for you option you can change the country to see the trending topic country wise and you will able to see the trending pic of that country.

2.Social mention : In these site you can find the trending topic socially i.e. the topic which are going on trending on social sites automatically show the trending keywords other than that if you can find other things which can go on trending that you can search i.e. movie, film stars etc.

Social mention give you a brief information of a keyword which you search example I have search Stephen hawking it will show the strength, passion ,reach ,sentiment ,top keywords related to Stephen hawking, top users, top hash tags ,top sources etc. which make your keyword research more effective.

3. Google trends: To get immediate result you should use Google trending topic on Google trending page you can select the category and country option to see the trending topic on category and country base both.

4. News channel: News channel always choose the topic which are happening or going to happen in the world so you can also use the news channel to choose the trending topic for your articles. E.g.: upcoming movies, new games etc

5. Yahoo page: yahoo page is also another best option to check the top 10 trending topic country wise. On the right hand side of the yahoo page top 10 trending topic are listed automatically country wise.

6. Facebook: Facebook also help you to choose the trending topic on face book along with the option of trending topic on politics, sports, entertainment, science and technology etc

7. Yahoo answer : yahoo answer is also the another best place to check the keywords what the people are searching on internet it is basically a question and answer site.

Always choose the topic on which traffic is going to come never work on topic on which traffic is already going on because market is very competitive if you want to rank your article strictly follow the above statement, always choose the long keyword on which the competition is low if you are trending short keyword you will get good traffic but that keyword can be replace by some very soon it is 100 % true so friends always work on long term methods to make money online. ‘Start with zero dollars and earn up to 1000 dollar a day ’.

How to rank: Ranking of website depends upon many factors below are the some types on which you have to focus most.
1. How you have written the Article
2. How you have customize your website
3. Number of tagging keywords on articles
4. Number of Major keywords on article
5. Backlink of the website
6. Social links of the website
7. Make your own images for your website
8. Write article minimum of 500 words

If you are following the above top 7 method to do research on keyword your blog will rank with in 2 month and  will proof  “the Journey of thousand dollars from zero via blogging with attached proof 2018”.


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