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How to earn 65 lakhs rupees in one hour with attached proof 2018


How to earn 65 lakhs rupees in one hour with attached proof 2018: Hello friends in below article I will discuss about the fact how you can earn 65 lakh rupees in just 1 hour with attached proof. By reading the above sentence you will surprise that how it is possible but believe me friends it is possible and you can earn it from home without spending time so, friends read the article carefully to learn Best trick to earn 65 lakh rupees in one hour 2018.

How to make 65 lakh rupees in just one hour with attached proof 2018

Flipping of domains: flipping means buying a domain at cheap or less price and selling it at good price  this is a proven method from where you can earn good money online. Flipping is also called as buying and selling of domains. I think you have heard the name of a most popular website flippa.com it is the famous website where you can sell your domain at good price. Every website has domain name e.g.: My website domain name is www.theviraltechblog.com from the domain name you can understand what can be the content of that website it happen in maximum cases.

SUCCESS STORIES: Below are the proofs of success stories, they have worked just for few hours and earn millions and billions of money.

1. Prakhar Bindal: He has registered a domain name called legallab.com at just 69$ and sell that domain name to a company at 100000$ (68 lakh) he has done all these in just a one hour.

2. Amal Augustine: Amal has sold his domain to mark zukerberg.

3. HOUSING.CO.IN: The link is of Indian property related website housing.com earlier name was housing.co.in but the company want to change the name of website to housing.com they contact the person and buyed at 1 million dollar.

4.DELHI BOY: When Arvind Kejriwal was a CM of Delhi and when he has applied the concept of odd and even then these boy has made a domain and sell out his domain to Arvind kejriwal at a good price.

5. OTHER EXAMPLES: msdhoni.com, bjp.org, facebook.com is a part of flipping of domain.


SEARCH THE DOMAIN: All the domains does not sell you have to search a different and unique domain name which can become a need of person, company who need that domain at any cost. I will suggest one website intantdomainsearch.com these is an amazing site from these site you can see which domain is already book, you can check the availability of domain very easily.

Factor which you should keep in mind before buying the domain name:

1/ Easy to remember: Company will buy such domain at any cost which are easy to remember. Today single word domain which is easily to remember is not available.

2/ Keyword: The site which are listed in Google keyword plays a very important role so, you should purchase keyword basis domain e.g. Makemoneyonline.com if any money making company want to buy these website then they have to pay your demanding money.

3/ Brand name: if you know a company which has good growth in future and achieve good space in market then you should purchase the domain of that company name by which if that company become good brand then company will buy the domain of that brand name which is with you only.

How you can purchase a domain name in advance:

For these I would like to suggest a tool called brandbucket.com these is very effective tool which shows which brand  become good in future e.g. Zomato domain is taken from the above link only.

4/ People which may become leader and famous in future: You can buy the domain name on leaders or famous personality who can become famous in future, book their domain name in advance and when they become famous personality just sell the same domain name to them.


To buy a domain online many registrar are available online. But before buying a domain you should check the valuation of trademark. Top four registrars for domain booking are as follows.

HOW TO SELL A DOMAIN: Many methods are available to sell a domain name some of them are below

1. Find the target customer and competitor of that domain related companies: If you think that you have buy a domain which match with that company then you can send directly mail to that company with offer e.g. my domain name is www.theviraltechblog.com one company has contact me to sell their domain matching to my domain called www.viraltechblog.com below is the attached proof of email.

2.Flippa.com : If you do not want to mail or contact the company then you can join the site flipa.com ,godaddy.com , sedo.com ,these 3 site provide a good platform to sell your domain, and believe me friends ‘domain flipping is only the easy and ethical method to earn quickly’


How money will credited in your account after selling domain e.g. flippa.com when you post your domain name for selling you have to set the pricing of that domain

If any company want to buy that domain then on that domain you will receive a post with price called a bidding if you agree with that price then the domain will automatically sell to that person and the amount will be credited automatically to your account via PayPal the all process occur automatically it is better to fix the minimum bidding of that specific domain, after selling the domain will become the property of that company or individual and all these process completed in just one hours or less than a one hour in these way you can see “ how you can earn a good money in just one hour by domain flipping”.

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