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How to do SEO for YouTube videos to get views with attached proof 2018


How to do SEO for YouTube videos to get views with attached proof 2018: You tubers upload their videos in YouTube to make money online. After uploading the videos you think that the video will be viewed automatically and you will earn money but in 90% of case it doesn’t work, even some time you upload a video after working on it for more than one day then also the video not getting traffic. You think that you have made a good video, done good optimization even analyse the engagements to get views, and you also think that you have done all type of hard work but it is not happening in real life. Now a day in YouTube also the competition is more than the regular physical jobs. At this stage when you fail to make money online with YouTube after all your efforts you need a virtual social helper which will help you to place the title, description, tags in your YouTube videos. The tag and title which is suggested by virtual software will be on the basic of Google trend and search volume in the internet. So, you will agree that more views means more earning. Use VidiQ extension to get views in your YouTube videos 2018

Get good views on YouTube videos after doing SEO with attached proof 2018


VIDIQ: vidiq is a powerful tool for your YouTube channel. Many SEO software are available but trust me vidiq is the best because I will also share the tips to get pro version for free. Vidiq will optimize your video on YouTube and also in social sites such as face book by which your videos will be published in face book automatically.

When you upload any video in YouTube below the upload a face book tag is available which will automatically post in your face book page after the complete upload, during the upload when you type any keyword in little and description it will automatically suggest the type of keyword which you have to type in the video. You can also use the keyword inspector to check the potential of the keyword or to check which keyword is search at a maximum volume. vidiq also offer the boost option in which you can use 20 video to boast and video get lifetime optimization for free. vidiq also show the keyword source, search volume and competition of the keywords. If you want to make money fast with YouTube do SEO with vidiq and not wait for subscriber, vidiq is more powerful than subscriber .when you get views by doing SEO with vidiq you will automatically get subscriber so, you can also use this tool to get subscriber. One big advantage of vidiq pro is that it will show the number of subscribe of commenter who commented in your published video.

Vidiq show the viqiq score, views per hour, video watched per hours, total views, total earning, tag you have placed in the video. You will also get the detail statistics of the channel like video but the detail is more in vidiq then YouTube. By this extension you can check the earning of any YouTube channel, any videos of YouTube try it once to check the power of vidiq the virtual helper to grow your YouTube channel by increasing the views of your YouTube channel videos.Get good views on YouTube videos after doing SEO with attached proof 2018’

You have to register in vidiq with your valid mail ID , first name ,last name etc and finally conforming the email id and go to Google chrome store add the vidiq pro extension for free you can also use the developer option on the chrome tools to add the extension. “Get views on your YouTube videos by doing SEO with attached proof 2018”


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