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How much YouTube pay for per 1000 views with attached proof 2018


How much YouTube pay for per 1000 views with attached proof 2018 :  YouTuber are making good money with YouTube. YouTube not pay money for views it pay money when ads are click on your videos or when the skip able ads are viewed on your video. As you know when someone view your videos on YouTube the ads appear on that video and many time it happen that, you get the views but no click it happen when the ads impression not happen on your videos. YouTube pays 0.5 $ to 10 $ per 1000 views and even more. I am showing the exact calculation below. In YouTube cost per click is very less as compare to website or blog and cost per views depend upon many factors. How much you will earn from 1000 YouTube views 2018.

Do you know who much YouTube pay for per 1000 views in 2018?

Calculation of how much YouTube pays for per 1000 views: To calculate the actual earning we will calculate on the basis of ads impression and click because the ads are clicked only on impressed ads. In the above report you will see that from 161803 views, the ads impression is 18334, click is 13125 and the estimated earning is 92.29 $ .YouTube is paying 0.57 $ per 1000 views and in other report you will again find that the views are less, only 25708 ,ads impression is 18330 with 755 click but the estimated earning is 180.70 $. You tube is paying 7.02 $ per 1000 views. There are many factors which affect the earning.

Ads impression
Ads clicked
92.29 $
180.7 $
88.41 $

The above table is the summery of real report, Report is showing many things. so, always try to post quality and good content on YouTube and website and always try to less diversion towards the viral news it will give you some earning but not stability.

Factor affecting the YouTube or website earning

Language of video: As all know English is universally accepted so try to make videos in English only. If you have decided to target a single country example INDIA then chose HINDI language but to make money from India you need minimum 100000 of views per day.

Video watched by which country: if your videos are viewed in Asian country such as Nepal, India, Bhutan, Pakistan etc the earning will be less try to target rich countries such as USA .if you are targeting USA you can earn up to 20 $ per 1000 views but the views should come from organic search engines not by paid traffic.

Cost of the ads:  when your videos play in INDIA, Indians company ads will appear on the videos which pay less but when USA company ads appears on your videos it pay more.

Type of videos: It is observed that the tech videos show the higher value ads but the competition is more on tech sectors. Then also try to make and upload tech videos.

Channel type: Ads also appears on the basis of type of channel if YouTube know about, your channel that this channel has good post, info and per day views are very good then they will show good ads on your videos in short you should build trust and channel should be verified.

Subscriber: if you have good and real subscriber then you will earn from each and every videos.

Type of ads: In new YouTube channel mostly display ads (auction based) appear which pay very less and when your channel become old and trusted non skip able ads or skip able ads (reserved ads) will appear on your channels which pay more and also cost per views are also more. “How much you earn from YouTube on 1000 views 2018"


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