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Compare Google AdSense vs. affiliate marketing vs. self-product earning with attached proof 2018


On the basis of earning which platform is good AdSense or affiliate marketing or self-product   Hello friends in these article I am discussing about earning from which plate from you can earn good money here we will compare Google AdSense earning vs. affiliate marketing earning vs. self-product earning. All the 3 method are permanent and long method on internet from where you can earn a very good amount but among of  all these 3 method first you have to select or decide yourself in which  field you are interest , Basically what people do they copy other methods which are shown in YouTube to make money online and start doing that method but remember all the successful people on internet are not copying others they select their field of interest suppose if anyone is earning good amount from mobile app then they know what to do and how they can receive traffic or downloads of their mobile app to make money online select Google AdSense or affiliate marketing or self-product. Google AdSense vs. affiliate marketing vs. self-product earning with attached proof

Blogger and YouTube: Peoples make blog or website use Google AdSense to show ads on their website and if someone click on Google AdSense ads then AdSense account holder will earn money similarly in case of YouTube you make YouTube videos and you will earn money but blogger earning is better than YouTube earning remember one thing to go with your interest because good blogger cannot be good you tuber and Good you tuber cannot be a good blogger

Example: Harsh agrawal is a famous Blogger of shoutmeloud website but his youtubing is very week because he is focusing on his blogger only so focus on things on which your interest is, not copy others below is the attached proof.

But when we see technical guru or technical Sharma ji they are a good you tuber but not blogger they use their YouTube channel to promote their blog. Many YouTube redirect their you tuber traffic their website or blog.

Below is the best example and from below table you will understand clearly which platform will give you more earning. Suppose you have a blog www.theviraltechblog.com and you are receiving 50000 traffic per month below is the full calculation in table from.

I suggest to make your own service if you think different then it’s sure that you will earn good money.

Self-product : self-service is also growing very well but should be result oriented then only you will earn money if you have good experience in software filed then it is obvious you can earn a good money from software development. But if you are not belong to software field then also you can earn by giving your own services such as web designing, doing SEO of website, selling your own blog, selling script etc. You can sell your self-product on SEO clerk and fiver website. ‘Google AdSense vs. affiliate marketing vs. self-product earning with proof’

SEO clerks: I have a script to redirect the traffic from one website to other and it will run continuously you can vary the time of each website visit below is the video which you can check it out and you can also buy it from SEOCLERKS website just for 50 $, by using the script you can get unlimited traffic for free, after reading the above article now you can understand and “Compare Google AdSense vs. affiliate marketing vs. self-product earning with attached proof”

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