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Buy best air conditioner online after doing complete survey 2018


Buy best air conditioner online after doing complete survey 2018 : When you first time visit to shop to buy your first Air conditioner (AC) then salesman will ask some questions which AC you want window or split AC ,one tone ,2 tone or 3 tone, how may star AC etc. before you go to shop you should know that is window AC, split AC what does tone means in AC and what is the meaning of star in AC so first read the full article to know which ac you should buy before we should understand the technical terms of ac first we have to know what is difference between cooler and air conditioner. What is tone and star rating in air conditioner 2018?  Window air conditioner vs. split air conditioner 2018.

Cooler : cooler gives you evaporative cooling means cooler contain one fan , one water reservoir and 3 compartments from which water flows  move up and down by which the liquid is converted into vapour and hence we feel cold air via fan  but AC make your present air cool which is present  in the room.

Air conditioner (AC): AC work like a refrigerator as we know refrigerator without taking water keep the things cool similarly when we are using AC in our room it work like a refrigerator and all the air molecule’s present in the room will become cool.

Type of Air conditioner:

Window (Air conditioner) ac: window AC has long unit which we have to set on window, cooling unit is towards the room and other unit is outside the room. window AC take air from outside it condense and send into the room buy difficulty is when house not contain Window or blocking of window is not possible in such case we cannot use window AC.

Slipt AC : split AC means AC is split into 2 parts indoor unit and outdoor unit indoor unit is inside the room and outdoor unit is outside the room  it need open space to intake air and  from indoor unit to outdoor unit a pipe line is supplied.

Tone in Air conditioner (AC): Tone in AC means cooling power suppose we have kept one tone ice in our room so the cooling which is given by one tone of ice will be equal to the cooling which is given by one tone ac it will effectively cool your room it does not mean you have small room and you are using 3 tone ac it will give you cooling efficiently but it will consume more electricity.

One tone AC = Consume less electricity

Two tone AC =consume medium electricity

Three tone AC = consume more electricity

Half tone ac also available in market which you can use in your small room if you use 3 tone ac in small room then there is a waste of electricity and you also have to pay more to buy AC because 3 tones AC cost more than one tone. Some dimensions of room and AC are below.

If your room is 100 sq. feet then half tone ac sufficient for cooling

If your room is between 100 sq. feet to 150 sq. feet than one tone ac is sufficient for cooling

If your room is between 150 sq. feet to 200 sq. feet than 1.5 tone is sufficient for cooling

So first you have to show the room to the sales man and then he can easily suggest which ac will be best for your room.

Energy Rating Star in AC: when we see star rating in AC we think less star give less cooling   And more star gives more cooling but these is not so, more star consume use less electricity And Less star consume more electricity. You can buy any ac but the fact is about electricity some time it is possible that cost of ac is more than or equal to electricity bill

Suppose you have one star AC and you are running AC for 12 hrs. For 4 to 5 month /day your electricity bill will come around 10 k/year, similarly when for Three star AC electricity bill come around 9k /yr. and for 5 star AC electricity bill will come 8k /year,10k is the bill amount it can vary because different state has different electricity rate. There is a 2000 differences in one star  and  5 star non inverter AC ,when you buy AC not think to buy more stare first you think how much time AC will run to cool your room. Price of One star AC is around 20 K and 5 stars AC is around 25 k. But when you are not using AC more, than you can’t get back your 5000 difference because you will get back in form of electricity bill i.e the electricity bill will is lesser on long term usage.

Inverter ac : If you are running AC for more time then you should go for inverter AC inverter AC don’t means that it will run on inverter. ‘Window air conditioner vs. split air conditioner 2018.’

How inverter ac works : Suppose you have set non inverter AC at 25  degree Celsius then compressor will work till the temperature of the room becomes below 25 degree Celsius and after that the compressor will stop and when again temperature increases above 25 degree Celsius  then ac will sense the temperature difference as it contain sensor and it automatically starts   compressor  as when we stop at traffic signal when car is continues remain start it consume less energy when car is  stopped and again start on green signal it will consume more energy to start again similarly inverter ac compressor not stop it will run continuously nonstop, run in variable speed when temperature in maintained in these way energy consumption is less when room temperature increases  compressor will run faster and give you cooling effect by these 30% of energy is saved so go for inverter AC.

Inverter ac cost is more: if you buy inverter ac and Run less then you will not able to save 10k per year and inverter ac will also cost you more but if you use AC for long term then you can easily save 10k per year but inverter ac will cost you more so you have to decide for what purpose you are going to buy AC

Coils in AC : AC contains 2 types of coil aluminium coil and copper coil ,aluminium coil repair cost is high, high maintain cost, no long life ,aluminium AC cost less but I suggest copper is best for long term because copper is best for refrigerator.

Which ac you should buy : Like mobile many AC brands are available in market company which do marketing its AC cost is more  because they spends lots of money on marketing even they advertise the ac brands with celebrities also which will cost more.

Best way is go to market and see the configuration and decides the brands which are not marketing more it will cost you less but remember to check the after sales service and installation should be good.

Can we buy ac online?

First you should visit your local store check the configuration look, model number, price and then you can check it online by comparing price don’t buy AC by seeing cheap price because it will not give you service like other. After buying AC you should also purchase voltage stabilizer it will cost you extra 2000 buy it will save you AC life. As we know in home there is a voltage fluctuation and because of that voltage fluctuation AC can damage and stabilizer will act as a barrier then even more or less electric current flow it will stabilize the voltage and allow only the current which is required by AC . “Inverter air conditioner vs. non inverter air-conditioner 2018”


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