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Best method to rank your blog or website is building backlinks 2018


Best method to rank your blog or website is building backlinks 2018 : Making back links of any website is easy by which you can rank your website easily. But to rank each and every post of the website is important, for this you have the use the tips which I have mentioned in this article by which your page can rank in Bing and Google search engine results. Many paid tool are available online but by using that tools you can get limited or fixed number of bank links buy after using my tricks you can get unlimited back links for free. Here I have mentioned both paid and free back link creating methods. But in 2018 the Google had changes it algorithm for ranking a website Google now focusing on ranking the Good content article and not the more backlink articles soon the back linking ranking will be removed your Google search engine but now it is working you can build back link to rank your website for a short period of time but you should focus on building quality content because Google will soon declare quality content is king. Make bank link to rank your website or blog 2018

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Note: Use the link of post and not the link of website. Suppose in blog www.theviraltechblog.com there is one post – How to make an android app of my website or YouTube channel for free so, you have to use the link of that post and not the website link whenever you are creating a back link, if you want to rank the website with keyword How to make an android app of my website.


1. Commenting method: Comment on the leading and popular websites in their comment section as I have done below.

The comment is approved in within 24 hours and you will get a powerful back link, by this way you can rank the website in the internet this type of commenting act as a SEO for your website. You can get the popular website from the comment section list. First try on, one post on which the traffic is coming on your website; if it shows result then try the same on the other post.

2. Forum: There are many forums which are available online and you can do comment and create back links.

3. Guest posting: visit to the popular website and you will find the option of submit guest post if you have a good writing skill, then submit your good and original article with images to the website when it will approve you will get a power full back link.

4. Directory submission list: In Google search engine type directory submission list a number of search result will open you can open any link and that website will provide you the list of website in which you can submit your website easily and free of cost try to submit in all the directories to get a powerful back links.

2) PAID METHODS TO MAKE BACK LINKS: There are many paid methods available to make back links in the internet some of them are below

1/ Ahrefs: This site is most powerful site to create and show back links but the plan are costly. When you enter the URL of any website it will open the directory of that website, were and which site the back links are created, how many back links are available and even you can rank your website very fast. Visit the website and check the plansMake bank link to rank your website or blog 2018’

2/ Fiver: fiver is website where you can get number of sellers who sell their work, hire them by checking their profile, here you have to pay first via PayPal and then seller will contact you and ask the required information regarding your site to complete your order. You can also search the site like fiver.Rank your website quickly in Google search engine by using back link 2018”


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