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Best method to increase cost per click of YouTube videos 2018


Best method to increase cost per click of YouTube videos 2018: To become success in YouTube there is not any shortcut you have to work hard, upload video daily or 3 to 4 videos in a week. When your total videos become more than 50 then automatically your views and subscriber will increase. YouTube cost per click varies from 0.01 $ to maximum 0.3$ if you are old you tuber. Cost per click in YouTube channel depend upon many factors one of the major factor is how old the channel is if are a new you tuber low CPC ads will appear in your channel and as you become older the CPC of your channel increases because of high value ads. Trick to get best cost per click on your YouTube videos 2018

How to increase YouTube cost per click with attached proof 2018

When you see any popular YouTube channel or forum in comment section you will find that maximum you tuber are mentioning about the CPC problem. People are mentioning that after 5000 views they are getting 1 dollar and sometime after 10000 views they are getting 1 $ it’s a big issue in YouTube and also I suggest that not to fully depend upon YouTube and all online money making program are risky even ad sense and YouTube also so, try to depend upon more than 2-3 online money making programs by which if one stop other system will make money for you.

Link your YouTube videos with Amazon affiliate products: Here I will show you how to increase the cost per click up to 1 $ per 64 views. In India the insurance, SEO type of keyword has good CPC but the views are very less only the professional search such type of keyword, which belongs to that field only. On the other hand the keyword such as jokes ,viral videos, amazing videos keyword has good search volume but the cost per click are very less (0.01 $).Do smart work and use YouTube to make money from other sources, convert these views into the other source of incomes.


Amazon affiliates: Sign in to Amazon affiliate it free and easy to sign up after sign up select the product and make a videos about that product and add the product affiliate link into your video description, after some time you will find that your videos views will increase and also some viewer who are interested in your product they will buy the product and you will also earn commission in your Amazon affiliate dashboard. Below I am attaching the proof and from that one proof you will shock to know that how much the popular gadget YouTube channel are earning in YouTube. If you are old you tuber with good subscriber then you will earn fast so, first try to accumulate subscriber by uploading good videos.

EXAMPLE: When you will do the exact calculation you will find that the channel is earning 1$ per from 64 views. I am calculating the first image and the other calculation are same which is attached in a table.

My take – headphones or earphones!

In this video views = 55564 views (if 1% of viewer buy = 555 order)

MRP OF PRODUCT = 9690 INR (if Amazon pay 1% COMMISSION = 96.91 INR)

Earning = 555 order X 96.91 INR commission

               = 53785.05 INR/ 67

               = 802 $

Total Earning = YouTube earning X Amazon earning

                         = 55.567 $ (0.01 $ CPC) X 802 $ = 858 $

YouTube cost per click = Number of views / total earning

                                        =55564 views /858 $

                                        =64 views gives you 1 $

The calculation is on the minimum value in which I have used the CPC 0.01$, buyer percentage 1% and commission percentage paid to you is 1% but this not happen the CPC ,buyer percentage and commission percentage will be definitely more than 1%  and you will earn more and get good CPC

EARNING (CPC=0.01 $)
Amazon earning (1%)
 TOTAL INR /67 = $
    = CPC
My Take

55.564 $

64 VIEWS=1 $
Amazon basic


340 VIEWS=1$
Motorola plus


460 VIEWS=1$

Amazon amazing policy:
suppose you have listed canon camera in YouTube channel, viewer after viewing the video he click on description and directed to shopping area but before buying he saw a new launched play station listed on the directed page now he changed his mood and decided to buy play station and he finally purchase a play station, don’t worry you will get you commission based on the price of play station because he is directed to Amazon website from your link so you will get paid. It is very good policy by Amazon. This is one affiliate site similarly there are many trusted affiliate site which you can join and earn by this trick and your YouTube cost per click will also increase.Get more CPC in your YouTube videos with attached proof 2018”


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